What is the Level of Knowledge about Hypertension among a Convenience Sample of Community Members and Does this Correlate with HTN Medical Regimen Compliance?

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Solomon, Christopher
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hypertension , Amankwaa, Linda , College of Sciences and Health Professions
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I chose Merle H. Mishel’s Uncertainty in Illness Theory as the framework for my research paper. Mishel believes that uncertainty is the inability to determine the meaning of illness-related events, occurring when the decision maker is unable to assign definite value to objects or events, or is unable to predict outcomes accurately. Educating patients on their illness, treatment, and side effects also can lessen the amount of uncertainty they feel regarding their illness. Uncertainty is a constant occurrence from the diagnosis to living with a chronic illness. Uncertainty decreases over times and returns on illness recurrence or exacerbation. Uncertainty can be the most distressing to a person during the diagnosis phase. This is the point at which health care providers could lessen the uncertainty of a patient by educating the patient about the illness, showing confidence in treating their illness, and giving the patient clear and concise information.
My name is Christopher Solomon. I am 40 years old and am married to the woman I have dated since I was 14 years old. This year we will have been married 20 years. We have two boys, Cash 6 years old and Jagger 2 years old. I graduated high school in Sumter County (Americus, Ga), and went straight into the United States Marine Corp for which I stayed for 8 years. My job was a communicator, telephone specifically. When I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corp I went back to school at Darton Community College and obtained my associates in nursing (Registered Nurse). I had already been working in the local emergency center as a tech for a year prior to graduating. After graduating I was hired in the same EC to work as an RN. I did not wait long before I joined Albany State University’s RN to MSN nursing program. I have now graduated and after passing the certifying board, I plan on staying in emergency medicine.
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