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dc.descriptionDuring the Fall semester 2019, the Albany State University Criminal Justice Journal (“ASUCJJ”) was formally launched. This volume celebrates the launch. ASUCJJ is the first student-based journal at ASU. It is devoted to discussions on law and criminal justice problems, including youth in the criminal justice system, the prison overcrowding, drug use and the crime cycle, the constitutional protection of criminal offenders, police and the use of force, criminal justice reform, violence against women, right to privacy and child protection, and among others. ASUCJJ publishes twice a year: The first issue solely focuses on research conducted by ASU criminal justice students as the journal is dedicated to providing students with an academic forum for their scholarships; and the second issue welcomes articles from criminal justice academics and practitioners, as well as lawmakers. The Editorial Board is deeply indebted to all the students who have authored articles published in this first edition. The Editorial Board is also thankful to Dr. Patrick Ibe, the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department, for the support he has given to the journal. Dr. Roger-Claude Liwangaen_US
dc.subjectcriminal justiceen_US
dc.subjectAlbany State Universityen_US
dc.subjectCriminal Justice Departmenten_US
dc.subjectRoger-Claude Liwangaen_US
dc.titleAlbany State University Criminal Justice Journalen_US

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