We want to introduce you to The Albany State University institutional repository called the Ram Scholar. The mission of the RAM Scholar is to preserve, manage and access the ASU’s digital scholarship, research, and history of the institution. The Albany State University faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate and share their scholarly research globally. The website to view Ram Scholar is ramscholar.dspace-express.com

Several faculty, students, staff and community members have provided content that has been added to the Ram Scholar. They are: Mark Masters, Donald Kagay, Emmanuel Konde, Vivian McCollum, Carolyn Rollins, James Phillips, Cleve Roland, and Rubye Hampton for Ben Cohn Hampton’s Photo Collection. Most of the collections included in the repository related to ASU history are the College of Arts & Humanities, the College of Education, the Flint River Water Planning & Policy Center, and the University Archives.

Recent Submissions